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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Painting

Wonderful World of Painting presents DVD’s at reasonable prices from the television series first started in 2004 and produced yearly by John and Linda Powell and EastLink TV. This series came about as an idea from one of the Managers of the TV station, seeing John paint a scene while holding a “show and sale” at a Mall near his home. Within thirty minutes John had completed a landscape, framed it, and hung it for sale. After the pilot shows were taped, and approved, production started on the first thirteen shows in summer of 2004. As of summer 2009, one hundred and forty-three shows have been produced.

The painting program has kick started many viewers into the world of art for the first time; some re-entering it after many years. The TV station gets feedback from viewers either by phone or email, all of which have been positive. Some of those viewers also attend the full day workshops put on in various areas of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward. As time goes on, John and Linda hope to expand their workshops.

It is also a site where John and Linda’s paintings will be available for sale or where you can order your own landscape, flower, or animal painting, painted to your specifications…… all at reasonable prices.

John Powell, CRI; CRWI; CRFI


John Powell, a child photographer for thirty-three years, began studying oil painting under William Alexander, with the Magic of Oil Painting organization in 1986. He became a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI) in 1994, studying under various instructors, including Bob Ross’s son, Steve, and Bob’s personal friend and chief instructor, Dana Jester.

Almost immediately after graduation John was invited to appear on the local community television channel to demonstrate the Bob Ross technique. Because of this appearance, he was asked to appear on the Atlantic Satelite Network show, Breakfast Television. His paintings have also been shown on Canada AM by Jeff Hutchison. The blending of soft colours in tranquil scenes make his paintings a delight to own; peaceful and relaxing to view.

John has been teaching since 1986, currently teaching at locations throughout the Maritimes, including various Community Colleges in Nova Scotia. He loves to see the happy faces of students who complete their own individual masterpieces during the full day workshops and all those who attend appreciate his patience, people skills, and talent for teaching.

He has taught the painting techniques as a volunteer with the Halifax Police Department to give self esteem to troubled youth; with organizations looking after the welfare of mentally challenged individuals; and at rehabilitation centers for shut-ins at federal institutions. Painting demonstrations have also been given to service clubs and church groups.

He and his wife, Linda, have been hosting their own TV show, Wonderful World of Painting, on EastLink TV since 2004. This show airs in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Sackville, New Brunswick. As of summer 2009, they have a total of 143 shows taped.

Linda Powell, CRI; CRFI; CRWI


Linda Powell, a photographer for twenty-five years, has studied various forms of art and varying subjects, but specializes in florals. She has the ability to show people, in a very simple step-by-step way, how to use the brushes and paints to create a beautiful floral painting. She started to teach floral painting in 1995 and become a full time artist in 2002, leaving the photography world behind to concentrate on honing her skills.

An artist whose floral paintings sell almost before they are dry, Linda has been painting in various mediums since 1972. She is a Certified Ross Landscape, Floral, and Wildlife Instructor and loves teaching others to paint flowers and and wildlife, leaving the landscape painting to John.

Linda has studied under artists in the United States and Canada, learning other techniques such as "pen and ink" and "rouging" (painting a transparent oil or acrylic colour over the pen and ink). She also uses a Dutch Master’s technique of under painting in grey tints and over painting with oil colour, when painting birds, animal, and some scenic paintings. Her student’s imaginations and creativity are challenged in a relaxing, stress free, fun environment.

Linda Powell travels extensively to search out subject matter for her paintings. She also teaches in various locations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, including Nova Scotia Community Colleges and donates her time to teach at rehabilitation centers for shut-ins at federal institutions.

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